The coffeeshops as a grand café

The Grass Company, outstanding relaxed

A Tilburg and Den Bosch without The Grass Company would be unthinkable. High quality and a nice atmosphere removed the image of the obscure coffeeshop. Consuming cannabis is possible and is happening on a daily basis, but this absolutely isn’t a perquisite for a much needed moment for yourself.

Honesty & hospitable

Questions about our menu? We can advise you about food or weed, a good combination is easily made. Our staff is at your service.

Approachable & stylish

A warm welcome is a condition for a nice visit. Our doormen function as a warm welcome and to ensure the safety of host and guests.

Quality and cosiness

De keuken en bar leggen de lat hoog. Ontspannen gaat hand in hand met kwaliteit en sfeer.

Safety and transparency

Do you want more information? We are happy to answer all your questions. Just ask our waiting staff or send an email.


Chill Out W26: Woo hah! menu

"Soul Food" is een fusion keuken die zijn oorsprong kent in het Zuidoosten van de Verenigde Staten. Deze cuisine komt nog veelal voor in de staten met een donker ...

Entry requirements for non-dutch

Not Dutch but living in the Netherlands? Read here how you can enter our shops! Every city in the Netherlands has different rules about who can enter coffeeshops and ...

International Roadburn-visitors are welcome again at The Grass Company!

We know that you international rascals will find a way to buy and smoke marijuana every year regardless of the law, but we are in favour of making things ...

Werking THC en CBD

The number of days that Johan and his wife are locked up in prison

Justice for Johan

Everything possible to contribute to a soothing experience

Sensiously sympathetic and hospitable