15 things to do stoned alone

The minister has spoken; The “intelligent lockdown” has again been extended by a few weeks. So you can still only leave your house fot necessary things such as walking the dog or grocery shopping. So you still can’t go to your stoner buddies. And you still can’t chill in you favorite shop of The Grass Company. But what else should you do stoned at home all day?

  1. Bake a (space) cake! Because an edible is much healthier than a joint!
  2. Binge-watch our top 10 movies and series on Netflix.
  3. Take a nice long bath. At least until you start wrinkling!
  4. Take day naps. Because a power nap is always a good idea!
  5. Watch funny videos on the internet. It’s full of Corona memes.
  6. Assemble some Ikea furniture. Finally time to do this in peace!
  7. Do a large (spring) cleaning and also clean your digital clutter..
  8. Make a puzzle of at least 1000 pieces.
  9. Do an ultimate game session.
  10. Put on your favorite tunes and dance through your living room as if you were bouncing over your favorite (canceled) festival!
  11. Finally clean your grinder.
  12. Let your creativity flow and just create something brilliant!
  13. Vape again with your vaporizer!
  14. Make your own high-cuisine and Get Baked!
  15. Chill out in the garden and watch the clouds drift by!

Spending time alone is healthy. You can come to yourself and completely relax. Me-time! And we have enough of that right now. Do something with that excess of relaxation! Learn something new. Do something you like! Or just take it slower. Cannabis strengthens your senses, making everyday things a lot more fun. That’s why cannabis is ideal for combining it with some kind of activity. You’re guaranteed to have more fun from both your activity and your high!

(Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash)

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