October 2016

Every game needs rules. A good set of rules is needed for a good working environment, also at The Grass Company. In the part below we summarize our policy: #1 No advertising, from the outside you see that we are a coffeeshop. No posters or other means of advertising. #2 Hard drugs are strictly prohibited.[…]

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Threat to public health or misinformation by the government? With fixed regularity is there a government official in front of a camera who says that cannabis is very bad for you. It really is a shame, because this information is absolutely wrong. The same government has put much research into this matter and this proves[…]

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Na jaren van afwezigheid zijn ze weer terug van weggeweest bij The Grass Company Emmaplein: de klassieke, typische, verfrissende, ambachtelijke, overheerlijke milkshakes! En gelukkig net op tijd, want de zomer klopt hard aan de deur, en de temperaturen lopen op.