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Every city in the Netherlands has different rules about who is allowed to visit coffee shops and who is not

Can I enter a coffee shop of The Grass Company?
Every city in the Netherlands has different rules about who is allowed to visit coffee shops and who is not. Everyone who wants to enter a coffee shop throughout the Netherlands must be at least 18 years old and must live in the Netherlands. But especially the last part sometimes differs. We are located in two cities: Tilburg & ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Tilburg and’s-Hertogenbosch also apply different rules. We know that this can be confusing. That is why, in this article, we once again clearly explain the rules for each city.

In Tilburg, the rules for visitors to the shops in Tilburg have recently become simple again. Everyone who is eighteen years of age or older may enter the coffeeshop on presentation of his/her identity document. Every adult is welcome provided he or she abides by our house rules of course. So in Tilburg applies:

18+ & identity card = access to coffee shops in Tilburg.

Unfortunately, in’s-Hertogenbosch the rules are stricter, you have to be 18+ and you must show that you are resident of the Netherlands!
If you have a valid Dutch identity card (I. D.), for example a Dutch driving licence, you can enter our shops on presentation of this I. D.
If you do not have a Dutch ID, but you live in the Netherlands, for example as an expat or exchange student, you must show a valid ID plus an extract from the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP or, in some municipalities, GBA) of the municipality where you live, which proves that you live in the Netherlands. This BRP / GBA must not be older than one year! You can get such an extract from the town hall of your local municipality or you can often order it online. For example, if you live in’s-Hertogenbosch, you can order the BRP online. So in’s-Hertogenbosch the following rules apply:

18+ & Valid Dutch ID = access to coffee shops in’s-Hertogenbosch.
18+ & Valid ID & Extract BRP (not older than one year) = access to coffeeshops in’s-Hertogenbosch.

Please pay attention. We carry out a double ID check: You must show your ID and any other documents to our doorkeepers when you want to enter the business. If you are asked to do this again by another member of staff (which will certainly happen), you are obliged to show it again!

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