Entry requirements for non-dutch

Not Dutch but living in the Netherlands? Read here how you can enter our shops!

Every city in the Netherlands has different rules about who can enter coffeeshops and who can’t. In both cities we operate in (Tilburg & ‘s-Hertogenbosch), everybody who wants to enter a coffeeshop has to be over 18 and has to live in the Netherlands. But in practice even in these two cities the rules differ! Because we have branches in both cities, we also have to apply two sets of rules. We know this can be quite confusing and that’s why in this article we offer a clear overview of the two sets of rules.

Do you have a valid Dutch ID, for example a Dutch driving licence, you can enter our shops on showing this ID. This very simple rule applies in both cities!

Don’t you have a Dutch ID, but are you living in the Netherlands, for example as an expat, exchange student or whatsoever? Than there are different rules for our shops in the two cities!


To enter our shops in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, you have to show your valid ID plus an extract of the Basic Registration of Persons of the municipality you live in (BRP or, in some municipalities, GBA), which proves that you live in the Netherlands. This BRP/GBA must be less then one year old! You can order the required document at your local municipality at the Town Hall or often even online. For the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch you can for example order this BRP online.

In Tilburg we have different (a little less strict) rules than in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

To enter our shops in Tilburg, you have to show your valid ID plus prove that you have a so called BSN-number (social security number) by showing us one of the documents stated below:

–                 An extract of the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP/GBA), not older than one year.

–                 A Valid Dutch Health Insurance Card (‘zorgpas’) which is handed out by your Dutch health insurance company.

–                 Proof of registration for temporary residents of The Netherlands, not older than one year.

–                 Notification of municipal registration, not older than one year.

–                The official request for an extract of the Basic Registration Person that is handed out by the government after your registration.

Valid Dutch ID                                                         = access to coffeeshops in ‘s-Hertogenbosch & Tilburg.
Valid ID + extract BRP (max. 1 yr old)       = access to coffeeshop in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Valid ID + prove of BSN-number                   = access to coffeeshop in Tilburg.

N.B. 200% check: You have to show the documents as mentioned above to our doormen, but when asked upon by another staff-member you are obligated show your passport/ID card etc. again.

Exceptions: Roadburn & Woo Hah! festival
Since 2016 in Tilburg we may admit foreigners during these two festivals with a valid ID only. All other rules remain in effect during these festivals.