6 ways to consume cannabis without tabacco

We have several options in our shops to consume cannabis without tabacco, so you still can chill together in our shops! See them here:

  1. The tabacco-free joint: the Power Plant. This new joint is filled with 100% hemp. Because not everybody here is used to smoking cannabis without tabacco, we’ve filled it with a blend of 50% Power Plant weed and 50% THC-free CBD weed. This makes it a balanced tabacco-free joint without it knocking you off your seat. (€3,80)
  2. Jack-Pods (& the Weezy): Last year we launched the Jack-Pods: small capsules filled with our different types of weed that you can smoke with a weezy. In addition to the Jack-Pods with our weed varieties we also have Jack-Pods that contains one of every different flavor. (starting at €7,50 for 5 pods)
  3. Stop smoking & start vaping! In addition to smoking, you can also put your weed and/or hash in a vaporizer and get every benefit from your weed by vaporizing it. As a result, you no longer smoke it, and you no longer get the toxic fumes in your body. But you do get all the active substances that you were looking for when you decided you wanted to enjoy some cannabis. In our shops we sell a whole range of different vaporizers and when you visit our shops you can borrow a vaporizer for free! For one of the vaporizers (Glow) we also sell a nozzle that fits our Jack-Pods!
  4. Edibles: You can also eat and / or drink cannabis. That’s why you can get different edibles at our shops. We have hash and weed cookies, hash and weed milkshakes and even hash and weed oreo cheesecake (starting at €3,00)
  5. Smoke it pure: You can smoke your cannabis in pure form. Run your joint without tabacco or use a pure pipe! We sell a wide range of pure pipes, bongs and other fun things you could use. 
  6. Use a tabacco substitute: It’s really only the tabacco that’s forbidden! Herbal mixtures and tabacco substitutes are still allowed to smoke inside. That’s why all our tables have jars with GreenGo tabacco substitute on them. Run your joint with this instead of tabacco and enjoy it inside!

Ask our employees in the shops for the possibilities. 

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