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Vape | Adjust your high with the temperature of your vaporizer

By playing with the temperature settings you get to know your vaporizer well. Every vaporizer is different and therefore has different temperature settings. Some vaporizers have fixed settings where on other models you can set the temperature manually.

What is the best temperature?

Determining the best temperature depends on several variables. What strain are you going to vape, which result do you want to achieve and what is your personal preference. At a low temperature (below 180°C) you mainly get terpenes. Terpenes are the natural substances that give plants their distinctive smell and taste. At higher temperatures (around 200°C) you will feel the effect of the cannabinoids more. When you go higher than 230°C you switch to burning the strain which will go at the expense of your vape session.

We recommend vaping at a temperature between 180°C and 210°C. This way you preserve all important substances and flavors. Be sure to experiment with the temperatures yourself to get the desired effect.

The temperatures for hash

When you want to vaporize hash, it’s first of all important that you check whether your vaporizer is suitable for vaping hash. You also have to take into account that hash requires a higher temperature on average to vaporize all the cannabinoids. From 180°C you will get a mild high, if you set the temperature a little higher you will already get a more typical hash high. Around 200°C you get the best effect with the strongest high. Do not exceed this temperature otherwise you will switch to burning.

Note: hash becomes liquid when heated. It’s recommended to use degummed hemp fibers. You won’t taste anything of this hemp fiber and it ensures that your hash will not leak into your beloved vaporizer. You cover the bottom of the herb chamber with a layer of hemp fiber, put the chopped hash on top and you can start vaping.

What do you do with vaped buds? (AVB)

When you empty your vaporizer after a session, don’t throw away your herbs! You can’t use them again in your vaporizer, but you can make tasty edibles from them. All you have to do is add your AVB (already vaped bud) to your existing ingredients. Your buds have already been decarboxylated by the vaporizer.

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