Cannabis 101

When you consume cannabis for the very first time, it can be an intense experience, especially when you try a strain that’s too strong for you. When people offer you a joint, most of the time you don’t have any clue what’s inside and how much you should take. So it’s absolutely necessary that first-time users know what they’re getting in to and how they can get the most out of this experience.

How do you use cannabis?

You can consume cannabis in different ways to enjoy the desired effects. The most popular way in the Netherlands to consume cannabis is of course the joint. A joint is a cigarette containing tobacco and some crumbled weed or hash. You can also smoke a joint without tobacco, this way is very popular in foreign countries, especially in America. This often creates a more pleasant effect than a joint with tobacco. For those using cannabis for the first time and who are not interested in inhaling tobacco, vaporizers are a great alternative to get high without all the harmful substances. Another option is to eat and/or drink cannabis. Cannabis can be used in cookies, cakes, pies, lollipops, ice creams, milkshakes you name it. With the latter method it’s difficult to determine the correct dosage. That’s because the cannabis first goes into your stomach, it can take half an hour up to two hours before you feel anything. An important rule here is: take it easy! You can always take more.

How much cannabis do you need?

The right amount of cannabis you need depends on your tolerance. When you are just starting out, your tolerance is a lot lower than the tolerance of someone with years of experience. So you don’t need a lot of cannabis. Start slowly and try a puff or two and wait for the effects to hit before deciding to use some more.

How long do you keep feeling the effects?

How long you stay high after consuming cannabis depends on a number of factors; the way of consuming, the dosage and unique individual factors that differ per person. The daily user has a higher tolerance and will therefore get sober much faster than a beginner. After a few hours, most of the effects will disappear. However, it’s important that you stay hydrated when you consume cannabis. So make sure you have enough food and drinks before you’re going to spark your joint.

What if it is too intense?

If you still get a little bit overwhelmed from your first cannabis experience, don’t panic. Keep in mind that you will be sober again in a few hours and that everything will be okay. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, eat and/or drink something sweet and focus on deep and controlled breathing. If necessary, go outside if you are indoors to get some fresh air. It’s also important that you don’t consume cannabis on an empty stomach to prevent a bad trip. An empty stomach lowers the blood sugar level, which makes you feel weak and light-headed.

Where and when is the best time to consume cannabis?

The environment also plays an important role when you first consume cannabis. Preferably not alone and in a place where you feel most comfortable. When you get nervous or the effect is too strong, the presence of an experienced user can calm you down again. Also, always consume cannabis only when you no longer need to drive and in your spare time. So not at school, study or work.

What strain should I choose?

A good coffee shop can answer questions about cannabis. So don’t be afraid to ask questions when you first enter a coffee shop. The employee on the other side of the counter can tell you what strains they sell and the expected effect: high or stoned and how strong it is. Please point out that this is your first time consuming cannabis so that the employee can select the best strain for you. We recommend a strain with a lot of CBD and little THC for the beginning user. These are the two best known and most important components in cannabis. The substance THC gives you the psychoactive effect while CBD revokes this feeling. Cannabis strains with a lot of THC will mainly make you feel quite high, CBD on the other hand will give you a soothing feeling.

Our employees in the shops are happy to help you make the right decision. We think it’s important that everyone is well informed and can visit our shops with confidence.

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