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Why you occasionally need a tolerance break

The results of a recent online survey conducted by the Trimbos Institute show that more than 2 out of 5 cannabis users started smoking more during the corona crisis. For most people, using more often means not smoking on more days, but more joints per day. One of the main reasons for using more cannabis in this crisis is boredom.

A tolerance break is a short break in the regulare use of cannabis to clear your head and body. By tolerance we mean the more need of a certain means to get the same effects as the previous times. When you regularly smoke a joint that contains THC, you build up tolerance. This leads some people to start using more or heavier cannabis just to experience the same degree of high or relaxation. You can counter this by breaking your usage pattern from time to time with a long break. Just don’t use cannabis for a while. And purify your body of the active ingredients and your mind of its habits. It is very important to really stop consuming cannabis during such a break. Because even a little bit of THC can maintain the tolerance to a greater or lesser extent. And while you are ‘detoxing’, it is wise to drink plenty of water and try to eat as well as possible.

Why would you take a break?

There are several reasons why you can take a tolerance break, for example if you feel that cannabis no longer works for you as it used to or that you no longer can focus good in your daily life. Some people find that they grab some cannabis just a little too quickly when they get bored and want to break this habit. But, since most people still smoke cannabis, it is also a good reason to take a break to give your lungs some rest. This improves the health and strength of your lungs. A tolerance break is therefore good for body and mind. In doing so, you break through your increasing tolerance so that you can again achieve the same effect or the same degree of relaxation with less (strong) cannabis. Regularly breaking your smoking pattern and building in breaks lowers your tolerance, lets you experience more effect, saves your money and saves your lungs! Whatever your reason, a tolerance break can be beneficial for everyone.

How long does a tolerance break last?

This of course differs per person. One will benefit after a few days and someone else can take a few weeks before everything is out of the body. The longer the break, the more you break through your tolerane level and the better the effect.

The first few days of a break are always the most difficult. Fortunately, cannabis does not have a high degree of physical dependence and you do not have the extreme withdrawal symptoms as you see with some other substances. Your body adjusts itself quite quickly and you notice that you have more time and attention for the things you want to do. It may happen that you have less appetite at the beginning and sleep less easily. This ensures that you restore the natural rhythm of your body without having to rely on an external agent. But it can of course be the case that when you regularly use cannabis, you are just very used to the use and effect of the substances you take in. Breaking habits is always difficult. That is why it can sometimes be quite difficult to stop. But show willpower and persevere! Because you do it all for a good cause: a healthy body and mind!

And one of the best things about a tolerance break is the pleasure you get from your cannabis when you take it again after your break. It feels like you’re stoned for the very first time. A little trip down to memory lane. Because everything used to be better! 😉

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