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The Christmas holiday is about to start. Some companies are closed during this period or have adjusted opening hours. The Grass Company is open 365 days a year and therefore uses adjusted opening hours for the Christmas holiday of 2017. Are you looking for an alternative to that standard Christmas?


Na jaren van afwezigheid zijn ze weer terug van weggeweest bij The Grass Company Emmaplein: de klassieke, typische, verfrissende, ambachtelijke, overheerlijke milkshakes! En gelukkig net op tijd, want de zomer klopt hard aan de deur, en de temperaturen lopen op.

For several decades we provide cannabis-loving Den Bosch from our location near the station. The shop at the Emmaplein is the second oldest shop of the company. When the shop first opened it was still significantly less busy on the roads than it is now. More cars and customers has made parking much more difficult.[…]

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