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THC lang niet de enige werkzame stof is in cannabis? Of dat er naast consumeren nog heel veel andere wijzen zijn waarop cannabis gebruikt wordt? Dat er naast roken ook andere (vaak gezondere) manieren zijn om cannabis te consumeren? The Grass Company vindt het belangrijk dat vragen nooit onbeantwoord blijven. Zodoende hebben we op deze pagina’s een aantal informerende overzichten geplaatst, zodat je weer net wat beter op de hoogte bent van alles. Mochten er desondanks onduidelijkheden blijven bestaan, schroom dan niet om één van onze medewerkers aan de mouw te trekken. We staan u maar al te graag te woord.

Why you occasionally need a tolerance break The results of a recent online survey conducted by the Trimbos Institute show that more than 2 out of 5 cannabis users started smoking more during the corona crisis. For most people, using more often means not smoking on more days, but more joints per day. One of[…]

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A few weeks ago, the weed blog ranked the top 100 most visited countries for their cannabis friendliness. In recent years. more and more countries have legalised cannabis. However, there are often many complicated rules and laws regarding the green stuff. When you book a holiday it’s certainly nice to know where you can just[…]

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The minister has spoken; The “intelligent lockdown” has again been extended by a few weeks. So you can still only leave your house fot necessary things such as walking the dog or grocery shopping. So you still can’t go to your stoner buddies. And you still can’t chill in you favorite shop of The Grass[…]

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Grinders, crushers, crumblers. Every cannabis consumer has heard of it and probably used it. You know, those handy things to grind your stuff such as weed or harder hash types, but also tabacco substitutes or tabacco. The idea is very simple. You put your stuff in the grinder. You turn the two parts in the[…]

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Last week we’ve made a top 10 movies for you guys, because of course they’ve been used up by now, we have now made a top 10 series so that you can watch it a little bit longer. These are series that are currently available on Netflix. 10. Paradise PD A animation serie about a[…]

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