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When you consume cannabis for the very first time, it can be an intense experience, especially when you try a strain that’s too strong for you. When people offer you a joint, most of the time you don’t have any clue what’s inside and how much you should take. So it’s absolutely necessary that first-time[…]

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It started in Asia from 8.000 – 2.500 B.C. Man’s relationship with the cannabis plant is thousands of years old. Originally from Central Asia and northern India, there is evidence that the hemp plant has been cultivated and used by humans very early. In an archaeological site in Japan, cannabis seeds dating from about 8.000[…]

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Why you occasionally need a tolerance break The results of a recent online survey conducted by the Trimbos Institute show that more than 2 out of 5 cannabis users started smoking more during the corona crisis. For most people, using more often means not smoking on more days, but more joints per day. One of[…]

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A few weeks ago, the weed blog ranked the top 100 most visited countries for their cannabis friendliness. In recent years. more and more countries have legalised cannabis. However, there are often many complicated rules and laws regarding the green stuff. When you book a holiday it’s certainly nice to know where you can just[…]

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