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Vinyl is back! On Saturday 24 March 24th, DJ Singlelicious will show her DJ skills at The Grass Company Piusstraat. Last month Eva was spinning her records at The Grass Company Piusstraat during Eva’s Roaring 60’s. On  Saturday 24th of March 2018 we again have a very talented lady who is going to show us[…]

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The Christmas holiday is about to start. Some companies are closed during this period or have adjusted opening hours. The Grass Company is open 365 days a year and therefore uses adjusted opening hours for the Christmas holiday of 2017. Are you looking for an alternative to that standard Christmas?


A delicious soup as lunch or you’d rather have a little snack? Click on the link for the monthly courses of december at The Grass Company Piusstraat.

Due to regulation it is forbidden for coffeeshops in Tilburg and Den Bosch to receive people who don’t live in the Netherlands. Because these rules can be pretty confusing we want to offer a good overview who can, and cannot enter our shops. If you have a valid Dutch passport/identy card/drivers licence or permant residence[…]

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