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The Grass Company Spoorlaan serves some new monthly dishes every month. Our chefs combine the best ingredients of the season to prepare some delicious food especially for you. This month our chefs came up with these dishes:   Gamba’s a la plancha Big shrimps / garlic/ parsley / lemon / green salad   Indian lampcurry Lamb stew / couscous salad / marinated[…]

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Food week 42, 2018 The Grass Company Spoorlaan Every week The Grass Company serves new Chill-Out dishes and the Mocktail of the Week. This week that will be: Chill-Out Soup Indian lentil soup with chicken, coriander and naan Chill-Out Lunch Shrimp salad sandwich Chill-Out Meat Chili con carne with ground beef, beans, chili, red pepper,[...]

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