Chill-out dishes week 6

Chill-out week 6, 2020 The Grass Company Spoorlaan

Every week The Grass Company Spoorlaan Serves new chill-out dishes and an special week mocktail. The delicious dishes of this week are:

Chill-Out Soup
Tomato-onion soup with port
bacon / parsley / bread

Chill-Out Lunch
Turkisch Bread & Hummus
roasted vegetables / feta / pomegranate / arugula nuts

Chill-Out Food
Ikan Pepesan
spicy mackerel in banana leaf / fried rice / sweet and sour vegetables / prawn crisps / seroendeng

Chill-Out Vega
Mushroom Wellington
rosemary gravy / yellow beet gel / roasted potato / pecan nuts / pomegranate

Chill-Out Luxe
Fish plate of the chef
catfish / tuna / langoustine / julienne vegetables / lobster sauce / mashed potatoes

Chill-Out Steak
Pork Tomahowk steak
puffed garlic gravy / corn cob / puffed potato & sour cream / chicory-pineapple salad

Chill-Out Dessert
Raspberry tart
white chocolate icecream / chocolate

Chill-Out Shake
Strawberry Cheesecake Shake
strawberry cheesecake syrup / mascarpone / biscuit / whipped cream / vanilla ice cream / strawberries

Chill-Out Mocktail
Apple pie
apple juice / cinnamon / caramel syrup / slush

These weekly dishes are available at The Grass Company Spoorlaan until Wednesday the 12th of February. Reservations are not mandatory but recommended if you want to be sure of a seat.

Call to 013-5821420 and reserve a table today!

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