COVID-19 coffeeshop hygiene and safety measures

Since the coronavirus came around there are unclear times in the Netherlands. More and more people are wondering what measures to take to stay healthy and safe. Visitors of the coffeeshops also have to adapt. We get a lot of questions regarding cannabis and the coffeeshops in these difficult times.

To make it all clear, we have answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Will the shops remain open?

Yes,.. the government has announced that the coffeeshop take out counters may remain open to prevent illegal trade. This means that you can still get joints and/or up to 5 grams of cannabis.

But,.. you will have to consume these at home. The government has decided to immediately close all catering companies. This also applies to the catering section of the coffeeshops. It’s therefore not possible to smoke a joint indoors with some food or drink. In fact, everybody is expected to be heading back home as soon as possible.

What measures are being taken to keep the take out as safe as possible?

Only a few people can enter our shops at the same time. We have also drawn up a number of rules so that it remains safe for everyone to get a joint.

  • Stick to the maximum number of people who can enter our shops. Wait quietly till it’s your turn and keep your distance from others when waiting.
  • Also keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters from each other.
  • When you pay cash, put the money on the counter, so that there’s no contact between you and the employee.
  • Leave immediately after your purchase. Don’t have a chat with our employees, and no consumptions may be consumed inside. No cannabis either.
  • If you have flu or cold symptoms, stay home and don’t come to our shops.
  • Our security may refuse you to guarantee the safety of our employees and other visitors.

In addition, our team follows very strict hygiene guidelines. They wash their hands with great regularity and the door handles and ATM are very often cleaned with alcohol.

Are there now rows of people outside the shop?

It’s possible that there will be a queue at certain times and certain days. As you can read above, we ask everyone to leave the shop immediately after they’ve made a purchase. This way the next one can enter and the passage is a bit faster.

Is it possible to order online?

Unfortunately, ordering and sending our products online isn’t possible under the current legislation. Everyone who would like to enjoy a joint is therefore forced to come to the shops to pick up there.

Do you have any further questions and are they not mentioned in this article? You can fill in a contact form via our website and we are also available via social media.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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