Everything you need to know about edibles

You can also eat and/or drink cannabis. Cannabis is used in cookies, cakes, pies, lollipops, ice creams, milkshakes you name it. Generally the word Edible(s) is used for an edible or drinkable cannabis product. But why exactly would you use this plant in edibles instead of smoking it?

Eating/drinking cannabis is healthier than smoking

It’s healthier to consume cannabis through an edible than to smoke it. All types of smoke are full of harmful substances. That also applies to the smoke from cannabis. Think of tar, carbon monoxide etc. Even if you don’t use tabacco and don’t consume nicotine, the smoke remains harmful. When  you eat cannabis, you do not suffer from these toxins in your lungs. This makes eating or drinking edibles a lot healthier than smoking cannabis.

Your digestion works slower than the airways

When you smoke cannabis you notice something almost immediately, when you take an edible it takes half an hour to two hours before you feel something. This has to do with the way cannabis enters your body. When you smoke a joint, the active substances go to your blood via the lungs. The airways work very fast. We simply can’t live without ocygen for very long. As a result, the absorption of the active substances in the cannabis smoke is also fast and you will feel it within a few minutes. With edibles, the active substances must be absorbed through your digestion. Digestion works much slower than the airways. In fact, we can do without food and/or drinks for quite a while. The absorption of the active substances by eating it takes longer, but the effect is also longer. In addition, the active substances are sent from the stomach to the liver, which converts these substances into a more powerful form. This also keeps you feeling the high longer and stronger.

Finding the right dosage

When edibles are new to you, it may be difficult to determine which dose of cannabis is best for you. Everyone reacts differently to every form of cannabis consumption and therefore also differently to edibles. In addition, there’s a long time between consuming edibles and noticing the effect. Therefore always start with a small amount! If you don’t feel anything after an hour, you can increase the dose slightly by taking a little bit more. What also plays a role is wheter you’ve eaten something in advance or whether you consume the edible on an empty stomach.

As a rule of thumb: take it easy! You can always take more!

The Grass Company has cannabis and hash cookies in its range. Half of a cookie is recommended for the beginner, while an experienced user can often take a cookie as a whole.

Why contain many edibles fat?

THC is hardly soluble in water. Therefore when making edibles a form of fat such as oil or butter is always required. Also the simultaneous intake of high-fat foods can improve the absorption of the active substances. Therefore cannabis is usually used in fat-based products such as cakes, brownies or pies. And if you want to make cannabis tea at home, it’s best to add a large amount of whole milk to your tea.

Eaten to much, what now?

If you take too much of an edible there’s a small chance that you will get a ”bad trip”. You can counteract these strong effects by eating and/or drinking sweets. It’s therefore important that you feel as comfortable as possible. Sit or lie down, relax and focus on deep and controlled breathing. Make sure you get enough fresh air and above all don’t forget that you will be sober in a few hours and that everything will be all right again. Taking some CBD, the other known active ingredient extracted from cannabis, can also help. CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. If you have a bottle of CBD oil at home, it’s useful to keep it at hand. If you notice that you have a too strong reaction to you edible, you can take a few drops of CBD oil so that you get a balanced effect again.

In our shops we have different types of edibles. We have has and weed cookies, hash and weed milk shakes and even hash and weed oreo cheesecake. You can eat all these edibles in our shops, but they are also evailable for take-out. Please notice: due to the corona virus our kitchen is currently closed.

(Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash)

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