Grinders, crushers, crumblers. Every cannabis consumer has heard of it and probably used it. You know, those handy things to grind your stuff such as weed or harder hash types, but also tabacco substitutes or tobacco. The idea is very simple. You put your stuff in the grinder. You turn the two parts in the opposite direction. And your stuff is grounded  in the grinder. It’s important to grind your stuff well! Because not only is it easier to distribute your stuff over your joint, or in your vaporizer, to burn well crumbled or to heat your herbs better; which greatly benefits the taste and effect!

Which one should you choose?

The variety of grinders on the market and therefore also in our shop is enormous! You have grinders made of acrylic (plastic), aluminum and even wood. Acrylic grinders are by far the cheapest. Unfortuntaly, they are also of a lower quality than that of aluminum. The great advantage of the acrylic grinders is that they are easier to clean. But above all these are the grinders for the people with a (very) small budget. We sell a super cheap The Grass Company grinder that is made from recycled plastic from our own deposit boxes (2,90)!

However, if you want a good long-term grinder, it’s recommended to take an aluminum grinder. Aluminum is of course a much more durable material that lasts much longer and is less likely to damage. That’s why an aluminum grinder is also the right choice if you want to grind harder hash varieties. If the hash is too hard, the plastic teeth of a plastic grinder can break off and end up in your grinded stuff. This doesn’t happen with a good aluminum grinder. We therefore have dozens of different aluminum grinders, grom large to small and from (relatively) cheap, to very luxurious. In addition to the simple functional grinders, we also have all kinds of funny grinders, with fun shapes such as a ball in rasta colors, an eight-ball, a grenade or a revolver’s magazine.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a grinder is that your new grinder should always run smoothly. You don’t have to put a lot of force when you grind and the teeth of the grinder go smoothly past each other. If you hear a squicky sound, it usually means that your grinder isn’t properly aligned. It goes without saying that high quality (more expensive) grinders (continue to) run a bit smoother that cheap ones.

There are also grinders with more parts. Grinders naturally have two halves so the standard model always consists of two parts. These are the simplest, easy to carry and use and often the cheapest because you can really only grind herbs. with it. However, you also have three-piece grinders with an extra tray where the weed falls when it’s ground. Four-piece grinders; With the same parts as the other two but also a storage tray where you can store your leftovers when you have grounded to much stuff. Or with a small (THC) sieve that sieves the finest crystals of your grind so that you can eventually make hash or simply use the purest crystals. There are even grinders with different sieves that allow you to get “sieves”of different quality from your grinder. However, we don’t sell the latter.


It’s important to clean your grinder regularly. Cannabis, especially hashish, is quite sticky by itself. Old remains easily can get behind the teeth of the grinder. Cannabis remains a plant that can spoil and rot. Bacteria accumulate which you then put back in your newly rolled joint. Not very good for your health. Your grinder also works better when you clean it regularly and it also lasts longer.

An easy way to quickly clean your grinder:

  1. Disassemble all parts. (Note which part belongs where)
  2. Grab a brush and take out your leftovers. Here you can roll a nice joint again later. Make sure that the material you take out is still fresh, otherwise it’s better to throw it away.
  3. Then put a pan with milk on the stove and let it get hot.
  4. Soak the parts of the grinder in the milk for about 10 minutes. 
  5. Remove the parts (carefully) from the pan and scrub the leftovers with an old toothbrush.
  6. Rinse with cold water, let it dry and voila, it’s as good as new.

In our shops we have different types of grinders. For our entire range, you can visit one of our shops. Our employees are happy to help you on your way.

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