non-residents of the Netherlands remain welcome in Tilburg coffeeshops


The mayor of Tilburg has decided not to continue with the I-criterion.

What does that mean for you?

Are you in the possession of a Dutch ID and 18 years or older? Then nothing changes, just like always you can enter our shops in Tilburg with your ID

Are you not in the possession of a Dutch ID but one from let’s say Spain and are you 18 years or older ? Then from now on you can enter our 2 shops in Tilburg with a valid ID without any problems.
A drivers license other then the Dutch ones are not valid in our shops!

The mayor can always withdraw this decision so please make sure to keep the neighbourhood clean and don’t cause any trouble 🙂


We hope to see you soon in one of our Tilburg shops.


Artwork by: Tilburgtopia


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