Every game needs rules.

A good set of rules is needed for a good working environment, also at The Grass Company. In the part below we summarize our policy:

#1 No advertising, from the outside you see that we are a coffeeshop. No posters or other means of advertising.

#2 Hard drugs are strictly prohibited. A good thing if you ask us.

#3 Avoid nuisance. This means no noise, polluting the neighbourhood or customers hanging outside the our coffeeshops.

#4: No admittance under 18 years. So definitely no sales to people under 18.

#5: A maximum of five grams of cannabis per day per customer. This is according the law, and we act by it.

#6: Only access and sale to residents of the Netherlands.

#7: Maximum stock. A coffeeshop may not have a larger stock than 500 grams. This checked by the municipality and police multiple times a year.

#8: Selling cannabis means no alcohol. And we serve cannabis, so no alcohol at all.

Smoking tobacco is forbidden

Since smoking tobacco is forbidden for the hospitality industry, smoking tobacco mixed with cannabis is also prohibited. Smoking pipes, bongs, vaporizers and joints with pure cannabis still is allowed. Larger coffeeshops often have set up a separate smoking area. There are tobacco substitutes on the market that which can be mixed with cannabis. Want to know more? Ask one of our employees.


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