Restaurants still closed on July 1

At the moment the Grass Company operates in the ‘perfect storm’. Which means that we unfortunately cannot open our restaurant and cafés on July 1, 2020. The pressure from the government which makes working very difficult for us; the prohibition of smoking joints with tabacco inside the shops; the previous announcement of COVID-19 measures until September 1; the 1,5 meter distance that must be maintained with respect to others. All these facts have had a huge impact on our business operations. This is why it is crucial that we take more time to re-open our restaurant and cafés to offer you the level of service you have known us for.

This summer we will focus on our core task: ensuring that you, our visitors, can simply buy cannabis from us. Besides, anyone who misses our great burgers and milkshakes can simply get them at our shop at the Spoorlaan in Tilburg. And in the meantime, are we preparing for a reopening of our restaurant and cafés around September 1. With hospitality/quality, with milkshakes, with burgers, with a newly renovated garden at the Piusstraat, with all kinds of delicious food on new menus but without tabacco smoke and hopefully without COVID-19!

Don’t be fooled! We find this very regrettable too. We miss our visitors very much. But at the moment we cannot do otherwise. It goes without saying that our COVID-19 measures still apply in the shops.

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