Tobacco also prohibited in coffeeshop

Maybe you’ve already seen it somewhere on the news. It was already announced by the dutch government in 2018 and starting from the first of April 2020 the time has come: all smoking areas in restaurants and cafes will be banned. The coffeeshops in the Netherlands are also included. You are no longer allowed to smoke tobacco inside anywhere. This means not inside the coffeeshop and also not in your joint. There is one bright spot: smoking cannabis and other herbs are still allowed inside the shop.

People who visit the coffeeshop to enjoy cannabis together should therefore enjoy their cannabis in a different way. Until now the Dutch cannabis consumer usually runs a joint with a mixture of hashish and / or weed and tobacco to smoke it. This is certainly not the norm in most of the countries in the world. You will never see an American with this kind of mix joint. Tobacco is not only very bad for your health; combining weed with tobacco is actually not recommended for the proper functioning of cannabis! Where weed widens blood vessels, tobacco narrows them. This ensures that you will feel slow and tired. If you smoke cannabis without tobacco you can get energized and an active high. You also can taste the weed flavors much better without tobacco. We can name many benefits for smoking without tobacco but we have to face it: smoking joints with tobacco are no longer allowed inside the coffeeshop.

In our shops we have various options for consuming cannabis without tobacco. For example: we have different types of vaporizers, pipes and the weezy for showcase. If you are interested in a vaporizer you can borrow it and try it out in the shop, you can borrow this as easy as the chessboard. We also have the GreenGo tobacco substitute on all tables in our shops to mix in with your cannabis. If you prefer to consume your cannabis in a different way than smoking, we still have our edibles ready for you. Ask our employees in the shops for the possibilities.

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