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The benefits of medical cannabis

Cannabis is increasingly used today for medical purposes. If you scour the internet you will find the most diverse symptomes where cannabis could help. It’s important to know that the effects of each type of cannabis are different, and that different types of cannabis are prescribed for different diseases. Yet the feelings of relaxation, stimulation of the appetite and sharpening the senses almost always occur. That’s why many people use cannabis to reduce their stress or anxiety. Although there are many people who practice self-medication, official medical cannabis is prescribed by the general practitioner. With this doctor’s prescription you can get official medical cannabis in the pharmacy of the Bedrocan brand, the only legal Dutch medical cannabis grower. Unfortunately, many doctors will only prescribe cannabis when the usual treatment methods don’t work well enough. This is because the use of cannabis as a medicine has fallen into disuse for decades.

The Grass Company is of course not a medical institution and our employees are not medical specialists. We will therefore never claim that we, like doctors, know what kind of cannabis you can use. However, we often get questions about the “beneficial” use of cannabis, because many people outside the normal medical channels are looking for a means that can help them with their pain, stress or insomnia.

That’s why we list three of the most common complaints in which cannabis can have a beneficial effect.

Chronic pain

Medical cannabis is often used to treat different types of chronic pain. This is pain that’s structurally felt or regularly comes back. The pain is so present in people’s lives that it can even result in psychological problems. Because you are constantly aware of the pain, this can sometimes lead to anxiety disorders or depression. Pain is often treated with (heavy) painkillers. In the long run, this can lead to tolerance, abuse and addiction, not to mention all the other side effects. In America people even speak of an opiate crisis due to the huge group of people who use opiates and they even die because of it. Cannabis is more and more seen as a less harmful alternative to these heavy painkillers.

It’s not yet known exactly how cannabis can work with chronic pain. The active substances in cannabis seem to have an effect on the processing of pain signals in the brain. Also by using products such as cannabis ointment on painful places can relieve the complaints.

Anxiety, depression and stress

Many people with anxiety disorders are reluctant to use cannabis because they fear that the cannabis will actually trigger their anxiety. This may be the case with THC-rich strains because THC provides the psychoactive effect of cannabis. The intake of a very limited amount of cannabis with a low THC and a high CBD content, on the other hand, can have a beneficial effect on axiety disorders. Products such as CBD oil are also often used by people to combat these complaints.

It’s therefore very important that you don’t use too much! This also applies when cannabis is used for stress relief. When someone experiences a lot of stress in their daily life, it can have further consequences on his or her health. According to a study, a low dose of THC cannabis works best against stress. A too high dose can cause more stress.

In addition, a study by Washington State University shows that the amount of cannabis consumption doesn’t affect increasing or decreasing depression. In other words, 1 puff resulted in the same effect as 10 puffs. This is great for people who don’t want to hang out on the couch after smoking a joint. Micro-dosing is the solution for them. In short term, cannabis helps reduce anxiety, depression and stress. With all these types of complaints, strains with a high CBD content are more suitable.


Anyone who has ever smoked a joint knows that cannabis can make you sleepy. This is especially the case with indica strains. These have a more physical effect. However, cannabis is not a long-term solution for a good night’s sleep. It helps with falling asleep. It improves the deep third sleep phase. But it reduces REM sleep, the sleep that makes us dream. We need this REM sleep in the end.

If you want to consume cannabis for insomnia, you should consider edibles. It takes a little longer before the substances are absorbed into the body, but the effects lasts a lot longer, such as a few hours or even all night.

Of course it can be that cannabis (products) doesn’t work well with your complaints. Research on cannabis and its medicinal properties has developed rapidly in recent years; But there’s also still much unknown about this beautiful plant. This article is for information. For medical advice, always consult your doctor first. If you plan to experiment with self-medication, do your research and make sure that you have thorough information. The internet today is full or articles and studies on the medical use of cannabis. Because medical cannabis is hot.

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