Top 10 stoner series

Last week we’ve made a top 10 movies for you guys, because of course they’ve been used up by now, we have now made a top 10 series so that you can watch it a little bit longer. These are series that are currently available on Netflix.

10. Paradise PD

A animation serie about a young officer who joins the national police force which is runned by his father. It’s chaotic, crazy and easy to binge watch.

9. Cooking on high

Cooking with cannabis? In this serie, the chefs try to make dishes infused with cannabis.

8. Murder Mountain

This serie is more serious. The story is about the Emerald Triangle with thousands of illegal cannabis plantations and gangs. Some visitors who come to the “murder mountain”disappear without a trace.

7. Love, Death & Robots

A collection of animated stories, each episode has it’s own story. The genres vary between science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy. The serie is animated by different teams from different countries.

6. Rick and Morty

The animation serie about the scientist Rick who takes his grandson Morty everywhere. In this way they end up in other worlds and dimensions and experience the strangest things.

5. Adventure time

You end up in a surreal world in the land of Ooo. Together with Finn and his magical dog, Jake, you will experience the craziest adventures.

4. Family Business

A French serie about a family that turns their butcher shop into a coffee shop after they discover that France is going to legalize cannabis. The whole family is helping to build this business.

3. How to sell drugs online (fast)

A popular German serie about a nerdy teen trying to get his ex-girlfriend back. He does this by selling ecstasy online from his bedroom, making him one of the largest dealers in Europe. No cannabis but very entertaining.

2. Disjointed

Cannabis legend Ruth Whitefeather Feldman runs a medical weed pharmacy in Los Angeles with her son and a team of young “buds”.

1. That ’70s show

The well-known TV serie where a group of friend regularly gather in the basement in “The Circle” to enjoy some cannabis together. This is accompanied by a lot of laughter and smoke.

(Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

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