Vape | Conduction or convection?

Conduction and convection are the two most popular ways of heating your vaporizer. Both ways are great for a nice vape and neither would be a bad choice. However, there are quite a few differences between the two. We described below what both heating types do and what this means for the user.

Conduction heating

You can compare it to a pan on a stove. For example when you put a chicken fillet in the pan and it heats up because the flame from your stove immediately heats the pan. You have to turn it regularly and don’t set the fire too high. This way of heating is relatively fast. In a vaporizer, this means that the battery heats the coil of the vaporizer. This is directly next to the room where the cannabis is in, which also heats the cannabis. The VapCap and the Magic Flight are one of the conduction vaporizers that we have in our range.

  • Relatively fast warm-up time
  • Good taste of the vape, but not the best
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Often the cheaper options
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Risk of burns. Regular checking and stirring is recommended
Convection heating

The convection vaporizer in our range is the Arizer Extreme Q. Convection heating can be compared to a convection oven. You put a chicken fillet in an oven dish and put it in the oven. Your chicken fillet will probably take a little longer to cook, but the flavor is good and you are less likely to have a burnt piece of chicken. In a vaporizer, this means that hot air is produced in the device in a separate room. This hot air is slowly drawn through the room with your cannabis. In this way, the cannabis warms up almost everywhere at the same time.

  • Relatively slow warm-up time
  • Very good taste of the vape!
  • Slow and long inhalation is a requirement
  • More difficult to maintain
  • Takes more time with more components
  • Relatively expensive
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Never a chance of burning

In addition to these two heating methods, there are also vaporizers that are called hybrid, such as the Mighty and Flowermate mini. This 2 in 1 technology ensures fast heating, so you don’t have to wait that long to warm up. It  also ensures that you get a nice full vape cloud and the flavor comes out optimally.

In principle, both methods work well and both will ensure that you get a nice high. Convection is mainly a preferred method for desktop models, because it has the added value that the temperature can be precisely controlled.

If you want more information about vaporizers, check out our article: “find the right vaporizer for you” or visit one of our shops.

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