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Vape | Get the best out of your vaporizer

Finally you’ve found the perfect vaporizer after consulting our article “find the right vaporizer for you”. Of course you want your vaporizer to last as long as possible and enjoy the best taste over and over again. But how do you get the very best out of your new purchase?


One of the most important parts of maintaining your vaporizer is to clean it regularly. Failure to do so can cause old burnt parts of cannabis to build up, blocking good air flow. This can cause the vaporizer to work harder and ultimately damaging the heating element. Obviously these are all things you don’t want to get with your beloved vaporizer!

Therefore we recommend that you lightly clean your vaporizer after each use. Empty the herb chamber and use the included brush to wipe away the leftovers. For a thorough cleaning session, it’s important to clean the herb chamber, all screens, the mouthpiece and any other removable parts. This is best done with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Keep in mind that not all parts are made to be cleaned with alcohol.

Read the manual of your vaporizer before use and cleaning! This way you know exactly how to take your vaporizer apart for cleaning. Also take a look at youtube, there are several instruction videos of almost every vaporizer. Because of course you want to know everything about your vaporizer.


Setting the correct temperature of your vaporizer can take a while in the beginning. The effects, flavors and quality of your bud will depend on the different evaporation temperatures. When the temperature is too low, you may not feel the right strength and effects. The same goes for temperatures that are too high. As a result you switch to burning, which destroys the active substances. Temperatures between 180°C and 200°C are recommended to get the best effects. This is the middle range through which you get the best results out of your buds. Start with a temperature setting that feels comfortable to you and increase it in steps of 10°C to achieve the effect you want. Do not exceed 230°C because then you will switch to burning.

Also, always let your vaporizer heat up completely at the set temperature before taking a hit. Start with a few small puffs to get the air through the chamber and to start the evaporation process. You usually get the best experience when you inhale gently and lightly.


When you want to use your vaporizer for the first time, it’s important to do a ‘burn-off’. With a burn-off you heat the device about twice at maximum temperature without herbs and without drawing from it. Doing this will burn any leftovers and flavors left from the factory. This is better for your vaporizer and better for your own health.

Fresh herbs are best to use in your vaporizer, but you should also pay attention to the moisture content of the herb. Of course you don’t want to inhale old, dried out buds but buds that are too wet will not benefit your session. When you have found the right herbs you have to grind it. For the best experience it’s important that your herbs are well ground, you can do this with a grinder. By properly grinding your herbs, the heat from your vaporizer can penetrate the material the best, giving you a better and tastier vapor. Also put in a screen in advance, this prevents your cannabis from ending up in the wrong places and it saves cleaning time afterwards.

Don’t throw away your cannabis after your session. By heating, and not burning, the cannabis has started to decarboxylate and is therefore ideal to use in edibles for example.


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