WARNING: The Grass Company is not on the dark web!

We have recently received several messages from people waiting for their online order that they have ordered from a dark web marketplace using our name.


hereby we want to the you know that we, The Grass Company®, have nothing to do with the dark web marketplace that recently offers cannabis online under our name. We will never offer our cannabis products for sale online!

We are an official chain of coffee shops known to the Dutch government and we do not sell cannabis online. Not internationally, nor in the Netherlands. It is siply forbidden for a Dutch coffee shop to sell cannabis online and must always be done in a physical shop.

Anyone who wants to buy cannabis at The Grass Company® is always welcome in one of our physical shops in Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Check HERE what the entry requirements are to enter one of our shops.

Don’t get scammed, this marketplace on the dark web is not ours!

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