International Roadburn-visitors are welcome again at The Grass Company!

We know that you international rascals will find a way to buy and smoke marijuana every year regardless of the law, but we are in favour of making things as safe and legal as possible, and to ensure that the good stuff gets straight into your hands with no need for an illegal network of pot dealers in Tilburg. Shortly after the 2016 edition of Roadburn, the mayor of Tilburg let us know that international visitors were going to be able to be allowed into the city’s coffeeshops during Roadburn, and that there would be an exception to the rule on the purchase of marijuana!

But, of course, with every exception comes some rules. These will be strictly enforced, so please read carefully so that you can take full advantage of this “bending of the rules” that’s being granted

First of all, the admittance of Roadburn-visitors in The Grass Company is limited to a specific period of time. We are only allowed to receive Roadburners from Wednesday 19-04-2017, 12:00 (opening-time of the Roadburn-campsite) until 24-04-2017, 12:00 (closing-time of the Road-burn Campsite). If you come before or after this period, we will still have to deny non-residents of the Netherlands access.

Secondly, as all of our visitors, you have to be over eighteen years old. You have to be able to prove this with a legitimate ID. We only accept government provided documents. So make sure to bring your passport, driving license or ID-card. We are very strict in this rule, so bring it every time you want to enter one of our shops.

Thirdly, the exception our mayor made is exclusively for Roadburn-visitors. Therefore you must show at our door that you are indeed a visitor of Roadburn 2017. So next to the documents mentioned above you have to show your ticket or wristband to prove that you are a true Roadburner!

Due to strict regulations by the Dutch government, most of the coffeeshops are very strict in applying the rules! In for example The Grass Company coffeeshops your ID is always checked twice, once by the doorman and once by our waiting staff. If they decide you cannot enter for any reasons whatsoever you are obliged to follow their instructions at any time.

The rules explained above apply for the coffeeshops in the city of Tilburg. Note that every city has different rules for their coffeeshops! If you are staying in Eindhoven during the festival, you can enter any coffeeshops just by showing you are over 18yrs old. But if you are staying in the cities of ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Breda non-residents of the Netherlands can not enter at all!

You can enter in two of our coffeeshops in Tilburg. Each of our shops has their own unique characteristics. The Grass Company Spoorlaan is right across Tilburg Central Station. This location basically is a restaurant but one where you can smoke weed. It is well known for their extensive menu and good food. A perfect location for a dine and smoke. Press this link and Google Maps will show you how to walk there.

If you like to play some darts, pool or want to relax in a tropical garden The Grass Company Piusstraat is more suitable for you. They also offer some food but not as extensive as the Spoorlaan. This location is almost on route in you walk from the camping to the 013. Press this link and Google Maps will show you how to walk there.

Are you a foreigner that isn’t visiting Roadburn and want to enter your shops? This article will explain the rules.

See you soon at The Grass Company!

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